Eliminating Risk with "Pinpoint" Precision

We utilize state of the art ultrasound instruments with solid state analog and digital circuitry, with precision tuning from 20 kHz – 100 kHz at 1 kHz. Our equipment is capable of On-Board analysis of Mechanical and Electrical Inspection/Trending (FFT, Time Series, or both simultaneously). We use professional software that includes wave form analysis, inspection route generation/download/uploads, trend analysis (dB levels, temperatures, alarms, etc.) and more.

Examples of Inspections we perform:

  • Compressed air and gas leak detection
  • Steam traps/valves
  • Gas compressor packages (cooling lines, valves, pumps, flanges, piping leaks)
  • Lack of lubrication / over-lubrication
  • Underground fluid leaks
  • Bearings, pumps, motors
  • Pump cavitation
  • Electrical arc flash prevention (arcing and tracking detection)
  • Electrical corona discharge

Our inspections are non-intrusive, and performed while you are in full production.

Ultrasound spectrum showing arcing
Ultrasound spectrum showing electrical arcing