Eliminating Risk with "Pinpoint" Precision

Pinpoint Predictive Maintenance Service helps clients operate more reliably. This is accomplished by offering infrared imaging and ultrasound testing services which help detect electrical and failures, avoiding costly down-time or outages.

Normal everyday use of lights, motors, computers, etc. cause micro-expansion/contraction of electrical power connections. Eventually these become loose causing poor connections, which become hot enough to melt wire conductor insulation, damage components, and create a fire hazard. Pinpoint PdM specializes in finding problems before catastrophic failures occur. We use both IR imaging and ultrasound to achieve this goal. IR imaging basically makes heat visible. Below are two examples of IR imaging, showing abnormal electrical component heat conditions (depicted by brighter, or orange spots).

Predictive Maintenance of power pole using IR imaging
Infrared image of power pole with damaged surge suppressing devices
Predictive Maintenance of heating element terminals
Infrared image of manufacturing plant machine heating element terminal connections (center terminal is abnormally hot)

Dirt, moisture, and other contaminants also cause electrical systems to fail, primarily due to arcing, tracking, and corona discharge. These damaging actions emit sound in the 20kHz-100kHz frequency range (ultrasound). Our trained , certified, and experienced staff can find these problems before catastrophic failure. Ultrasound testing is included with every Pinpoint Predictive Maintenance Service inspection.

Ultrasound Spectral Analysis showing presence electrical arcing, another predictive maintenance tool
Ultrasound Spectral Analysis showing presence of electrical arcing