Eliminating Risk with "Pinpoint" Precision

Buildings of all kinds, from homes to office buildings, stores, to manufacturing plants, can have problems related to construction and maintenance that can be difficult to diagnose and resolve.Major problems found in buildings include:

  • Moisture damage in walls or roofs due to leaks or condensation problems
  • Issues that make people sick, such as mold, or airborne allergens
  • High energy costs due to missing, settled, or damaged insulation, or excessive perimeter air leakage
Moisture laden ceiling/wall
Moisture laden ceiling/wall

Often problems cannot be seen until after costly damage has been done, or energy costs increasingly rise.

Whether it’s new construction, weather damage, or annual inspection, we provide infrared scans performed by a certified thermographer using high resolution equipment. We will pinpoint the problem(s) in both early stages of failure and exact areas of damage, before costs to repair become excessive.